Rasha Goel

- TV Host/International Correspondent/ 2 Time Emmy Nominated Producer/Co-Owner of Bollywood Dance. Rasha Goel  has worked for outlets such as CNN IBN, ESPN, REELZ Channel, TV Guide Channel, AOL, as well as Warner Bros., Sony Pictures, and Disney.  Recently, Rasha was a co-host for Dick Clark Productions Live Red Carpet Show for the Golden Globes and hosted the Oscars for Shorts TV.

"You are amazing! I love it!! Thank you so much. Till date your shoot was one of my favorites. I actually want to come to Vancouver just to see you again"

Yvonne Hogenes

 - A Multi Awarded Business Woman and Entrepreneur of the Year 2018

Owner of Malary's Fashion Network/ Firma Wear/ TAB Custom-fitted Bras

I have known David for a few years. He has done photography for my boutique and for my high tech apparel collections, that we design and manufacture. It has always been the most enjoyable experience to work alongside of David. He is so professional, efficient, honest, and offers us a premium product every time. We would recommend him as our #1 choice to anyone that is looking for a professional photographer. Sincerely Yvonne


Natalie Malak

 - Former Director at Aveda former Regional Trainer for Giorgio Armani Beauty and YSL Beauty

"I have collaborated with David on a few projects and have been blown away by his professional attitude, creative energy and each final product from beginning to end. He is extremely personable and makes my models and fellow artists feel comfortable and at ease. Every photo-shoot has been fun and an inspiring experience and I can't wait to collaborate with him again in the New Year. Thank you David"

Zara Durrani

 - TV Host, Actress, Founder of Inspired Life Production

I've had the pleasure of working with David Naman on several projects for my clients editorial campaigns and PR shoots. I can trust Mr. Naman will produce high quality work and bring absolute professionalism to set. I have turned to David Naman when working with clients in the film and television industry, and he has always impressed me with his work and creative abilities. I highly recommend David Naman's services to anyone interested in taking their brand to the next level. 

Ruby Roxx

 - Internationally Published Model, Vice President of Bonerattle Talent,  Editor in Chief of Beauty Mark Magazine and has been featured on Good Morning America, Buzz Feed, and the Huffington Post with over 2 million Facebook followers

Named Hottest Plus size celebrity in Hollywood!


 "I LOVE LOVE LOVE the images!  They are SO fabulous!  Thank you so much.  I would LOVE To work with you and Nat again!  I had so much fun, and clearly, we work really well together!"

Rukiya Bernard 

 - Leo Award Winning Actress and Producer known for Van Helsing, Supernatural, and Accidental Obsession 

Shooting with David Naman was so much fun.  He is really creative with lighting and had all kinds of walls and rigs set up to play with. Stuff that’s normally done in post production he was creating on the spot. It was fascinating and inspiring to watch him manipulate the light and shadow – he’d show me the images and it would inspire me to bring out a different emotion and we ended up having this back and forth modulating relationship as he played around with the lighting. 

 Tracy Hallam

- Actor Producer

'Having been a professional actor for 10 years I finally got the headshots that I was looking for when working with David Naman.  David created a fun, warm and relaxing environment and has an expert eye for camera work and lighting.  I would recommend David to anyone who is looking to capture a specific look!' - Tracy Hallam, Actor

 Leila Stuart

- Published Author, Owner of Centerpoint Yoga Therapy, Yoga Therapist, BA, LLB, & RMT

"David Naman's photography is both skilful and artistic.  He is a master of the art of photography and his ability to capture the essence of a moment makes him world-class.  He draws the beauty out of everyone he photographs.  I highly recommend him."

White Rock, BC


 80yr old Grey Model & Retired CEO

"I had a great day; thanks to you , hair and makeup and of course Malary’s.  It is the one venture I do for myself, that really excites me"

 "Thank you again for a very fulfilling day.  I enjoyed every minute of it."

--Software Developer

“David is fantastic at what he does and really captures what you are looking for.  He was attentive and instantly made me feel comfortable. I would absolutely recommend him to my friends.  The photos were incredible and the turn around was quick. Thank you so much for the beautiful experience. “ 

Thanks a lot.


-- Actor & Stuntman

David is an amazing photographer with creative and unique style of shooting.
I really liked his style of shooting and ability to find an amazing backgrounds which worked magnificently with wardrobe colors. His directions were super clear and helpful.
Im super happy with how pictures came out and looking forward working with David in the future.


~ When I close my eyes and imagine the types of images I want to make they look just like yours. I love your work and hope to one day make such beautiful photographs as you. It's the style that I am in love with.

Thank you ! 12/10/08 4:51pm


~ most of the time i am not a fan of nude shots but your work has pretty much opened my mind--- there is a difference between trash and art and your work is art to the power of 10!

09/21/08 4:27pm


~ i visited your hypnotic website and browsed your galleries..... I honestly cannot say enough about your photos..... they are so impressive....such like a 12 out of 10 on the wow scale! everything. the lighting, the makeup, and you find beauty in every subject you should........everybody just looks gorgeous and you find their comfort zone and element because everyone looks so natural.


all in all i just wanted to let you know your work is fantastic....i know you know, but everyone deserves to hear sometimes, you know?

01/13/09 5:03pm


~ Captivating and Intriguing portfolio! The images captured display the essence of being a woman...sexiness, vulnerability and strength... causing one to look for more than "surface" beauty! Bravo! Wendy

08/17/09 1:41pm


~ Here i thought that I had a grasp on shooting artistic nude, then I viewed your port. I can easily become a student of your work. Your images show women's beauty as it should be seen, as the artwork of God, not as something perverted. I can't wait to see more. It is inspiring to viewing every single image that you create.

2009-11-17 10:50:46


~ Most will never understand the complexity of your shots. Few understand the effort involved in making a shot look natural and simple...that is Art and true beauty.

2009-11-26 06:04:39


~ Your pictorials hold Such depth of creative soulfulness that exude such a pulchritudinous classical sensual feel, you have an art of bringing life beyond the pictorial. I also love your diversity of style and that each type is shot to perfection:) and foists the best features of the model directly to the viewer in such a subtle way they exude such a unique "je ne sais quoi".


When a master lensmen as yourself can capture both the classical, sensual and beautiful in one snapshot of time they have created the perfect cocktail of delight smile a true "Joi De Vivre"

It is so heartwarming to see such a bastion of his art with such "avant garde" just a shame so far away sad. If you are ever in my area casting for models or a client please do me the honour and pleasure of consideration.

 email from San Diego model 2011-01-16


~ I have to tell you David... I got into photography to take pictures like you have on your port... you are a true inspiration and a reminder of how a shot should look when done by a professional... please keep us updated on anything you doing.

 Photographer 2010-12-17


~ Your book leaves me breathless. Every single aspect is so astonishing. I love your usage of lighting, and not being afraid to get creative and do "different". Thank you for your contribution to the Artistic community.

Model 2010-12 08


~ Absolutely stunning work! You have a very distinct style and really put together beautiful photographs. Always nice to have a photographer inspire me.

 Photographer 2010-11-21


~ A priviledge to view your art. It is as cool as a refreshing breeze, as

warming as the afternoon sun and as inspiring as a travel documentary to exotic lands. I loved it all. Blessings

 Model 2010-11-13


~ I have to say, there is something deeply intense and critical in

personal sensibilities and modalities of your beautiful art works and

expressions. Your art somehow manages to muse and fuse the classical

and the modern, the flat and the defined-it is personal biography

meets movement, passion and a very physiological presence. Exhibiting

an impeccable instinct for the emotionally evocative power of color,

movement, texture, and shape, you shine as an artist whose work

relates more to a state of mind, mood or feeling than a tangible

object. Amidst a sea of art, you manage to say something very


 Lisa in New York City 2011-05-05


I find that many of the photographers simply use women, but I believe you celebrate women !

 Photography, Hal Kahn

Santa Fe, New Mexico, US 2011-10-02


~ Your photography is stunning!

 Spectacular! The detail in your digital art is reminiscent of the painting of the old master painters.

 At first, when I looked at the close-ups of your models I thought you painted her! How do you achieve the brush marks? Just beautiful! It's how I dream of painting in acrylics or oils on canvas. Your image quality transcends your camera. That's the brilliant artist you are!

 What camera do you recommend?

 Keep up your great work!

 Candian Artist

Tim 2012-15-02


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